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Repair of Scratched Glass

No need to replace the window…

Glass in houses, shops, fish tanks and car windows can become scratched for a number of reasons. It’s commonplace for windows in newbuild homes to become scratched and inappropriate cleaning with solutions such as silica sand is one factor which can cause this damage.

Minimal disruption

Replacement can be extremely disruptive and particularly in the retail industry where shops need to remain secure yet continue to trade. The glass repair service we offer means minimal disruption so that your life can continue as before.

We can repair any type of glass, flat or curved, and restore it to its previous condition. Examples of the cost saving we can offer would be repairing very expensive high specification glass in the construction industry or the glass in an expensive fish tank. In both cases the repair would be a fraction of the cost of replacement.

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Inappropriate cleaning or graffiti are but two of the causes of scratched glass

Our repairs offer minimal disruption and are relatively quick

We only use proven, industry standard materials and solutions

We can quickly source whatever the particular glass repair requires