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Decorative Resin Bound Stone Installation

Why choose resin over block paving, concrete, flags or tarmac?

In addition to its aesthetic qualities, resin is far more eco-friendly than concrete. It allows water to drain through it and therefore avoids water buildup and slippage. It conforms to SuDS – Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems – legislation and means that planning permission isn’t required for resin bound driveways. Resin bound surfaces have excellent ant-slip properties and are weed-resistant, crucially meaning no maintenance.

The best materials

We buy our materials directly from the renowned Resin Mill, who source 100% natural stone which is mined from the best quarries in Europe. This means longevity and a robust and durable surface. There’s a wide range of colours to choose from and a Lifetime Colour Lock Guarnatee.

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Resin bound and bond specialists

A wide choice of colours and 100% stone sourced from Europe's finest quarries

Ideal for poolside, drive and many more applications

No project is too grand

No need for building regulations - fully permeable