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Do you need a surface restoring and don’t know where to turn?

Stained stone floor? Marked and scratched vinyl floor? Etched or uneven marble floor? Cracked stone floor? Damaged masonry in the construction industry? Chipped granite worktop? Scratched glass in a shop, house or car window? Dangerously slippy stone floor?

We restore, clean and maintain vinyl floors such as Karndean and Project Floors, and also natural or man-made stone and tiled floors such as granite, marble, slate, limestone, sandstone, travertine, porcelain, and ceramic tiles. We also repair damaged masonry and scratched glass.

Our restoration services include:

  • Floor repairs of natural or artificial surfaces
  • Application of polyurethane coatings to new/damaged or worn vinyl, rubber, concrete or industrial floors
  • Anti-slip polyurethane coatings
  • Stain removal from stone floors
  • Sealing and impregnating of stone floors
  • Grinding, polishing and resurfacing of stone floors
  • Repair of chipped granite
  • Repair of scratched glass
  • Repair of damaged masonry

Training and qualifications

We are constantly honing our restoration skills by attending training programmes teaching the latest techniques and technologies in relation to an ever-increasing variety of materials. We even operate a ‘mini restoration lab’ for continuous testing of products and methods. Programmes we have completed include:

  • Masons Mortar course on surface repair of masonry, Newcastle upon Tyne
  • School of Resin Training Academy course on the supply and installation of decorative resin bound stone installation, West Yorkshire
  • Glass Restore UK course on the repair of scratched glass, Ayrshire
  • Vinyl Restoration Training, Dr Schutz, Head Office, Cologne, Germany
  • Professional Stone Restoration Training, Marble Master, Potters Bar
  • Natural Stone Repair Seminar, Coventry
  • Granite Repair Training Course, Coventry

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Repair of damaged masonry

Masonry in newbuild properties can become damaged for a number of reasons, such as in transit. Our on-site repair service is quick and efficient, avoiding re-ordering delays of weeks or even months.

Repair of scratched glass

Whether it's a window in a shop, home or car, our on-site repair service is cost and time-efficient in comparison to ordering relacements.

Vinyl floor restoration

Vinyl restoration training at Dr Schutz in Cologne, Germany: Clockwise from top left: Mercedes Showroom, AOL Arena Hamburg, Bakery, Hair Salon. All images from Dr Schutz's Maintenance Gallery.

Stone floor restoration