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Stone restoration in the north east

Do you need a stone surface restoring and don't know where to turn?

Stained stone floor? Cracked limestone floor? Chipped granite worktop? Etched or uneven marble floor? Dangerously slippy stone floor?

We restore, clean and maintain all types of natural or man made stone and tiled floors, such as granite, marble, slate, limestone, sandstone, travertine, porcelain, and ceramic tiles.

Our stone restoration services include:

  • Stain removal from stone floors
  • Sealing and impregnating of stone floors
  • cleaning, re-crystalisation, vitrification, grinding, poulticing, burnishing, honing, polishing, and sealing
  • application of polishing powders or vitrification chemicals
  • diamond abrasive procedure (diamond grinding) of marble
  • penetrative sealing of highly porous stone such as limestone
  • application of coloured epoxy resins to limestone
  • removal of limestone stains using poultice and deep alkaline cleaning before grinding and honing
  • epoxy repairs to cracked and chipped granite surfaces such as worktops
  • enhancing sealer for slate surfaces to deepen the slate's colour
  • diamond abrasion procedure to flatten a rough, uneven slate floor
  • enhancing the colour of travertine by diamond grinding and the application of calcite polishing powders
  • holes in travertine filled with coloured epoxy resins, polyester fillers, grout or cement fillers
  • non-slip applications for all types of stone floors

What our stone restoration customers say

Susan Sproston, Morpeth
"Both Paul and Andrew are perfectionists and ooze enthusiasum for their job. I am extremely pleased with my travertine kitchen floor, which now is polished and sealed properly. I would definitely recommend their services."

Gloria Cook, Hamsterley Mill
"Our polished limestone flooring had been left by the installer, with grout, tiling cement and puddles of sealer spoiling the appearance of the beautiful tiles. The overall effect was so disappointing, it was difficult to live with. Paul managed to restore the floor to better than new. It is as we would have wished it to be when it was installed. He gave us professional advice as to the products to use to maintain it."

Gary Gibson, Morpeth
"I can confirm Paul Coyle undertook a very difficult repair of a travertine sideboard section which had been broken entirely in half. The finished repair was of the very highest order, indeed if you looked at the damage it amazed me that Paul would even attempt a repair. The finished article is testament to the high standard I received, at a very good price."

Mark and Lucia Bridgeman, Brunton
"Paul came and cleaned the (terracotta) tiles that were in our kitchen. They had been down for 15 years and had a lot of marks on them that normal cleaning products would not clean. He was very thorough and diligent in his work and clearly took a great deal of pride in what he did. He consulted us along the way to ensure that we got the finish we were after. He was recommended by the local flooring company as the best person in the north east for this type of tiling work and we were happy we used him."

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Need a stone surface restoring in the north east or north west?

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From the top, stone table restoration.


From the top: One of several restoration projects which we carried out at Alnwick Castle, the restoration of a sandstone staircase. Stripped, lovingly deep-cleaned and sealed.


From the top: Restoration of the granite floor in Claremont Tower, Newcastle University. It was stripped, deep-cleaned, dried and fully sealed. Now resistant to water and most liquids during daily use, making cleaning and maintenance simpler and quicker.


Stone floor restoration at Iveston

Limestone restoration

Restoration of a previously laid limestone floor at Wynard. The sub-floor, previously inappropriately laid by an unknown tradesman, required replacing and new stone fitting. The cracked stone slabs were resin-filled and then honed and sealed to match the rest of the floor. The whole ground floor was then stripped, cleaned and polished.